I was drawn to paint early on simply because putting paint on canvas offered an instant depiction of an idea or composition I envisioned, straight into art form. I’ve since developed an appreciation for other forms of expression and my work has been described as similar to sculpting, which intrigues me. The intention with my latest series is to merge a representational figure with elements of abstraction. For that to work, I have to approach painting from an effortless, almost cursive approach. Moving in this direction, I find it a constant challenge to not over think the technical process, which I’ve been known to do. Interesting things happen when I allow myself to abandon control and to make worthy mistakes.

My figurative paintings are often arranged like historical portraiture, echoing my appreciation for the elaborate styles of the French Renaissance and Elizabethan eras. Unlike that meticulously detailed period in art, my work is eclectic and spontaneous. I’m often inspired by the Bay Area Figurative painters who employ a loose, colourful style I seem drawn to. Closer to home, I once met the renowned Canadian painter, Peter Aspell, who had a great affinity for both color and texture. It’s his art that showed me it’s okay to step away from a painting before I’ve gone too far and to not take myself so seriously.

Constance Bachmann